10 reasons why aaaVeee Maldives

aaaVeee Maldives

1) Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
The diving and water sports centre caters for all your diving and water sports needs. The centre features diving and water sports equipment suitable to cater for everyone’s needs. http://www.aaaveee.com/guest-facilities/diving-water-sports-centre.html

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2) Island hoping
If you feel bored to stay on a single island or want to explore the islands of Dhaalu atoll, then take a day pass. This is the gateway to access all the islands of Dhaalu atoll using our partner ferries that run in the region.. http://www.aaaveee.com/excursions/island-hopping-in-dhaalu-atoll.html

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3) Day & Night Fishing trips & BBQ
If you are into fishing, then why not take a fishing trip, either a scheduled or private trip at your convenience. Regular fishing activities are organized by the resort and provide guests the opportunity to experience fishing, the second largest industry in the Maldives. Night fishing is the most popular among the activities, but big game fishing and morning fishing tours are also organized by the resort. http://www.aaaveee.com/excursions/day-and-night-fishing.html

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4) Dolphin Watching
Dolphins are magnificent creatures that lurk our oceans every day. They often travel in schools and can be watched best on a dolphin cruise where a boat will take you to the open sea. It provides the best opportunity for guests to get close with this fascinating creature, often entertaining you with their traditional swimming patterns and jumps. http://www.aaaveee.com/excursions/dolphin-watching.html

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5) Visiting UnInhabited Islands & Sand banks
Want to try something unique and special? Then visit an uninhabited island or a sand bank. Choose between many, from small to large sank banks. Take your loved ones with you, and spend a day, or half a day completely secluded from the rest of the world, with nothing but the ocean around you. This is a highly recommended option for everyone, especially honeymooners. http://www.aaaveee.com/excursions/uninhabited-islands-and-sand-banks.html



6) Indoor & Ourdoor games
A selection of indoor and outdoor games are available in the resort such as beach volley, table tennis, billiard dart and a variety of card games. This was what the resorts offered in the 70’s and 80’s. These games are available free to all guest.

7) A Boutique
A modestly stocked boutique is available on the island that sell everything from clothing, souvenirs to personal care products, snacks and more. Our boutique also features local handicrafts made by the communities from the nearby islands. Read more: http://www.aaaveee.com/guest-facilities/boutique-shop.html



8) Spa
The spa is located away from the guest areas, and are infused in the thick forests of the island. The spa consists of the main lobby and relaxing area based on the island with a huge water pond to bring you closer to Nature’s. The two treatment rooms overwater provides breath-taking views where the guest can gaze at the lagoon and the surrounding environment while being pampered over water to provide a floating experience.  Read More http://www.aaaveee.com/guest-facilities/the-spa.html


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9) The Sunset bar
Uniquely shaped wooden deck settled on the northwest side of the island is aaVi Ashi – Sunset Bar, which locally means the vapour deck. The charisma of this bar lies in its location as it gives easy access to the dazzling turquoise water of the Island. http://www.aaaveee.com/guest-facilities/sunset-bar.html

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10) The Main Restaurent
Set in the midst of the lush vegetation, not far from the beach and the main arrival jetty is the restaurant, which features contemporary Maldivian architecture, with the use of sustainable resources in its architectural design. Coconut and other local timber derived from the island has been the primary focus which serve cuisines from all over the world. Simply indulge your taste buds with our daily buffets served both indoor and outdoor settings. At aaaVee Nature’s Paradise, you can be assured that the restaurant provides the best quality of food available, freshly supplied to the island. Wherever possible, our chefs opt for local sources for ingredients. http://www.aaaveee.com/guest-facilities/main-restaurant.html


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